ASF Scheme                              

Amalgamated Special Fund (ASF) For Reconstruction And

Rehabilitation Of Ex-Servicemen, Madhya Pradesh



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    This schemes is titled as “Amalgamated Special Fund for Reconstruction and Rehabilitation of Ex-Servicemen (ESM), Madhya Pradesh. It extends to whole of Madhya Pradesh. The objects of the fund are as under: -

[a]   To award stipend to the ESM for Technical, Managerial, or Agriculture Training.

[b]   To sanction grants to Co-operative societies of ESM for a schemes and projects of resettlement/ rehabilitation.

[c]   To sanction scholarship or grants to dependents or ESM /deceased Ex-Service Officer for Higher studies in India beyond High School / Higher Secondary stage.

[d]   To sanction expenditure of special measure of collective nature for the maintenance destitute ESM /widow.

[e]   To promote measure for the benefit of ESM and their dependents.

[f]    Provision of amenities building, libraries in connection with Sainik Board or in heavy recruiting area.

[g]   Special measure for the health of soldiers family.

[h]   Maintenance charges to disabled ESM student of I.T.I.

[i]    To sanction stipend to ESM under going post release training courses.

[k]   Payment of Central Share to the KSB.

[j]    To sanction expenditure on ESM rallies /meetings.

[k]  To sanction loan grant to ESM for self employment.

[l]   To sanction grant of ESM/dependents for alleviation of distress.

[m]   To sanction grants for daughter’s marriage.

[n]   To sanction grant for funeral expenditure on death of ESM/Widow of ESM.

[o]    To sanction sewing / Knitting machine to widow of ESM.

[p]    To sanction expenditure on coaching classes for various recruitment examination for the wards
         of ESM.

[q]   To sanction extra duty allowance per month payable to a clerk of collectorate looking after the welfare of
        ESM/widow where District Sainik Welfare Office not established.

[r]    To sanction donation /grant to Military Hospitals in M.P  for looking after medical treatment of ESM.



1.    All PBOR up to the rank of SubMaj are entitled for Stipend Grant out of ASF. All PBOR up to the rank of
       Hav are entitled for financial assistance Out of ASF.

2.    Stipend will be paid on merit basis. The wards of ESM/Widow who secure the percentage of marks as given
       below will be granted stipend as per the rates mentioned in appendix ‘A’& ‘B’.

S. No.

Class / Courses

Mark of Percentage


VI to VIII class

75 % and above


IX to X class

70% and above


XI to XII class

65 % and above


Graduate & Post Graduate Classes

60% and above


All Professional Courses and other than above

Minimum pass marks

3.    The wards of ex-servicemen who fail to secure the required percentage of marks in the previous year annual
       examination will not be eligible for grant of stipend.

4.    The application of Stipend grant should reach Directorate Sainik Welfare, MP, Post Box No. 364,G T B
      Complex, New Market, T.T.Nagar , Bhopal- 462003 through concerned District Sainik Welfare Office. Last
       date of receipt of application in Directorate is 31st Oct [1 lot] and 31st Dec [2nd lot] every year.

How to claim

1.     Applicant should approach the concerned DSWO along with following documents:

        [a]    Discharge Certificate

        [b]    In-come certificate from all the sources

        [c]    Domicile Certificate

        [d]    Previous Year Annual mark sheet.

        [e]    Other supporting documents.

        [f]     Medical bill/prescription of Military Hospital /Govt Hosp (if applying for medical claim)

2.    Fill up the application  form provided by  District Sainik Welfae Office  and submit  application and other
       supporting documents  to concerned  DSWO for onward submission to Directorate Sainik Welfare, MP for
       sanction .


ASF Scheme Appendix-A

Rates of yearly stipend grant for wards of ESM/Widows from ASF    



1.    Middle School Classes Rs 1500/- PA

2.    High School Classes upto 12th Rs 1500/- PA

3.    Degree Classes all stream Rs 2500/- PA

4.    Post Graduate Classes all stream Rs  6500/- PA

5.    General Nursing Rs  6500/- PA

6.    Basic Teachers Trg Courses Rs  2500/-PA

7.    B.Ed Rs  3000/-PA

8.    I.T.I  Rs 2500/- PA

9.    Polytechnic (Diploma in Engg/Pharmacy/Hotel Mgt/ Mgt Studies) Rs  3000/- PA

10.   MS/ BDS/ MBBS/ BAMS/ BHMS  Rs  6500/-PA

11.   BE/B Tech  Rs  6500/- PA

12.   B. Pharmacy/ B. Agriculture/ LLB/ Hotel Mgt. Rs  6500/-PA

13.   MBA/ LLM/ M Phil/ M Tech/ MCA/ M Ed Rs  7000/- PA

14.   Ph.D Rs 8000/-PA

15.   SSB Coaching for NDA Rs 4000/- per course.

Coaching [per course]

16.   NDA Cadets (Pocket Money)  Rs. 500/-PM

       [Under going training at the respective Institute for pocket expenses]

** The stipend grant for girls and daughter and son of widows of ESM has been increased by 50% of
     present rate.


ASF Scheme Appendix-B

Financial Assistance To Ex-Servicemen, Widows and their Dependents out of ASF

Directorate Sainik Welfare Madhya Pradesh




1.   Daughter’s Marriage grant to the ESM Rs 8300/-

2.   Daughter’s Marriage grant to the widow of Ex-servicemen Rs 11000/- 

3.   Daughter’s Marriage grant where ESM and widow both have expired Rs 11000/-

4.   Financial Assistance to the dependents Son/ Daughter of the ESM on death of widowed mother Rs 6600/-

5.   Financial Assistance to the Orphan Children of Ex-servicemen :-

[a]   For one Orphan child Rs 550/- pm

[b]   For Two or more than two Orphan Rs 1100/- pm

6.    Financial Assistance to the Ex-servicemen / widows of ex-servicemen and their Dependents who are inmates of
       TB/Leprosy, Cancer, blind, paralysis and bed ridden ESM patients/widow Rs.1700/- pm for Non-pensioner
       and Rs 1100/-pm for pensioner.

7.    Financial Assistance to the wards of ESM who resides in the Hostel of Military/Sainik School Rs 15000/-PA

8.    Financial Assistance to the wards of Non- pensioner ex-servicemen studying above Higher Secondary School
       Classes Rs.150/- pm

9.    Financial Assistance to mentally retarded child of Non-pensioner ESM/Widow Rs.1700/-pm and Rs 1100/-
       pm for pensioner. 

10.   Financial Assistance for purchase and repair of artificial limbs to disabled ex-servicemen -Rs.2800/- ./Actual

11.    Medical Treatment not available in Military / Govt Hospitals. Rs 5500/-

12.    Ex-gratia grant on death of ESM Rs  6600/-

13.    Purchase of Sewing/Knitting Machine for widows of ESM - Actual Cost.

14.   Alleviation of distress /help in maintenance of family in need particularly Old Age ex-servicemen over 55 years
        of age living in penury. Rs 5500/-

15.    Petty Business not covered by SEMFEX Scheme Rs 5500/-

16.    Stipend to ex-servicemen under going  Post Release Training Courses at various I.T.I’s. Rs 250/- pm

17.   Maintenance grant to disabled ESM  under going resettlement Trg Course at QMTS and other such Institution
        recognized by the Govt of India/ Govt M.P Rs 900/- pm

18.   ESM who become disabled after retirement and has no earning member in the family


       (a)  100% Disability  Rs 13200/-PA

       (b)  50-99% Disability Rs 11000/-PA

19.   Financial Assistance to the ESM for a girl child born after retirement of ESM. One time grant of Rs 11000/- as
        a fixed deposit, withdrawn after girl attaining 18 years of age.

21.   One time financial assistance to Non-pensioner ESM/Widows for their treatment:-


        (a)  Cataract Operation  Rs 2200/-

        (b)  Set of Teeth Rs 2200/-

        (c)  Hearing Aid Rs 2200/-

        (d)  Spectacles Rs 330/-

22.  One time grant to the wards of ESM/Widows on winning the Medal in State and National level Competition

                      Medal                        State Level                   National Level


                        Gold                           Rs 11000/-                        Rs 16500/-

                        Silver                          Rs  7700/-                         Rs 11000/-

                        Bronze                        Rs 5500/-                          Rs 8300/-